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Aaron Rodgers on The Dan Patrick Show

Sports Radio Interviews has a transcript, and a link to the audio, of QB Aaron Rodgers's conversation with Dan Patrick. It's a good interview about how the cold effects him, and how winning the turnover battle is key. It also has a follow up about his alleged snub of a cancer patient. Rodgers said "I didn't see her." 

As I wrote about earlier, after the "snub" became a post critical of Rodgers at Pro Football Talk, the push back on it was immediate. Then Jan Cavanaugh, the "snubbed" fan in question, was shocked by the criticism. That should have been the end of it, but then Mike Florio (in one of the longest pieces I've seen on Pro Football Talk) defends his original point despite the second video interview with Cavanaugh: Rodgers ignored her and "handled the situation poorly." Is Florio just that defensive or does he hate Aaron Rodgers that much?

Avinash Kunnath has another good follow-up piece at SB Nation Bay Area refuting the nonsense follow-up piece from Florio. Of course I'd rather talk about football, but I feel that this is something I should at least address.