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To The Acme Packing Community: Thank You

From Mike McCarthy's press conference: "But to sit there and compare this game with '07 [the NFC Championship game against the Giants], I don't think it helps us."

But one comparison I wanted to make was about the fantastic community here at Acme Packing Company. The last time the Packers played in an NFC Championship game, this blog had 8,626 visits and 15,356 page views for all of January 2008.

Three years later, there were 11,481 visits and 23,402 page views on the day of January 16th (the day after they beat the Falcons) which was one of the busiest days ever at Acme Packing Company. Thanks for visiting the site, and thanks to all the excellent commentators for all the great discussions I get to read here every day.