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A Quick Request For Everyone

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A quick call for assistance to our dear readers: Thanks to Green Bay's (thus far) successful 2010 campaign, the team has become a magnet for media attention.  Usually, this means more fluff pieces on ESPN or ridiculous non-sequitur tirades on PFT, but for yours truly, it means invitations to podcasts.

So far, three seperate outlets have approached me to do interviews on the Packers' 2010 season, the upcoming matchup against the Bears, and how we (the fans) are reacting to the whole thing.  If Green Bay makes it to the big game on February 6th, I expect that number to increase dramatically.

Now, full disclosure.  I have never done a podcast.  I have never done an interview.  I don't like talking on the phone for more than 10 minutes because my ear gets sweaty and makes the screen on my phone gross.  If I come up with a joke, it takes me way too long to set it up, leaving the result much to be desired.  My voice is a more nasal Bob Saget.  I am, shall we say, NOT a media personality.

But, I'm not going to let that stop me.  It's something I haven't done before, and I figure everyone should try something they haven't done before once in a while.  (Although, the last time I got into one of those moods, I ended up signing up for this on April 9th.  Gulp.)

So here's what I want from you: how should I do it?  Should I be bold and brash, a la Rex Ryan's Jets squadron?  Should I be tight lipped and vague, like the recently-ousted Patriots?  And what should we focus on?  How the team overcame injuries early in the year, or how Ted Thompson built a team deeper than Lake Michigan, or how Aaron Rodgers is playing like the second coming of (insert choice for "best QB ever" here)?

What're your feelings going into NFC Championship weekend?  Are you confident?  Nervous?  Content?  Thrilled just to be here?

I'll post links to the respective audio interviews as they come available.  If they come available.  They might get buried forever; I am certainly no Golden Voice hobo.