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Packer Notes: On Home Field Advantage, Keys To The Game, and George Halas

Jon Bois of SB wrote about the effects of home field advantage. I was wondering if the Packers or the Bears really had a home field advantage. Since the teams know each other well, and the Packers play at least once per season in Soldier Field anyway, I wouldn't think playing in Chicago is unfamiliar to them. It's worth noting that the Bears have won three of their last four meetings in Chicago, but the last three game have been very close.

From SB Nation. Even the Bulls are using Chicago's hatred of the Packers to encourage their fans to boo. 

This is no surprise, but both teams are practicing outside this week. And the Packers opened up their indoor practice facility so it would stay cold while they practiced inside too.

Mike Tanier wrote for NBC Sports on two keys to the game, which again are probably no surprise. The Packers special teams have to stop Devin Hester on punt returners. And they have to stop TE Greg Olsen.

If the Packers hadn't been able to build Lambeau Field (officially called City Stadium through 1964) in the 1950s, Green Bay would have probably lost the team. The original City Stadium had such poor locker facilities that visiting teams would dress at their hotel. But George Halas helped push for a new stadium that saved football in Green Bay. He did also encourage the hiring of Vince Lombardi, but while that helped create the Packers dynasty of the 1960s, the stadium is the life blood of a franchise.