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Out With The New In With The Old: Brett Favre Supposedly Rooting For Rodgers, Packers This Weekend

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Brett Favre doesn’t like to add just two cents toward a story.  Instead, Favre likes to add an entire banks worth, and more some.

Media has been swirling around Favre’s head in the past four weeks.  Will he return to the Minnesota Vikings for another foolish year?  Or will Favre return to Mississippi to gracefully hunt his beloved deer, which occupy his Augusta-like ranch?

Before we even cross that bridge, another hay fire has already started to burn.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman put it best when telling Andy Pettitte "Don’t pull a Brett Favre on us".  That term has now become a famous trait of Favre’s sideshow alley ways in the past 20 years, if only it had a true meaning behind it.

Perhaps a Webster’s Dictionary definition is next on the agenda.

In the meantime, Favre has preoccupied himself with the NFC Championship Game.  Favre’s former team the Green Bay Packers will meet up with bitter yet friendly division rivals the Chicago Bears this Sunday, in a picturesque surrounding,  fitting of the games 90 year history.

Staying true to his roots, though, Soldier Field isn’t Favre’s biggest worry right now.

The gripping yet mildly distracting tale that loops this story together is Favre’s backing of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and more importantly the Packers in general.  According to sources, Favre is allegedly "rooting" for Green Bay this weekend, as the Packers try to capture their fourth Super Bowl ring in the team’s well-documented history.

All of this comes on the back end of Favre’s retirement papers, which the NFL confirmed have been signed by the Minnesota Vikings star quarterback earlier in the week.  Although one could say if Favre hasn’t signed the contract in his own blood, the signature is of course questionable as time draws on.

Start the clock.

While we all play the waiting game on Favre’s typical August debacle that is sure to come, fans are looking at this recent attempt of happiness as a way to give back to the Green Bay Packers following the 2008 saga.

For you see, now that Favre has seemingly called it quits, the time has come for No.4 to cement his legacy in Green Bay.  This is easier said than done, mind you, but with a select group of fans still admiring Favre; don’t be surprised to see this act of authenticity grow in the coming years.

But is Favre’s backing of the Packers acting as a distraction to Green Bay?

With 3,922 yards and 28 touchdowns on the year, Rodgers is far from fazed.  In the past two seasons Rodgers has been compared to Favre through thick and thin, and when the double occasion of Green Bay vs. Minnesota pops up, wheeling out the "stepping out from Favre’s shadow" talk always arises.

One game away from the Super Bowl, Rodgers has completely eradicated that shadow.

Continuing in his usual fashion, Favre is likely to perform many more good will maneuvers in the coming months.  It’s hard to imagine why Favre is so quick to disregard the Minnesota Vikings in all of this, after all, he was in the same position Rodgers finds himself in this Sunday.

Nonetheless, the old timer kicks on.

Word for word, Favre broke down his Packer argument to ESPN’s Ed Werder yesterday via email:

"Aaron Rodgers is the best QB and the receiving corps is the best ever, maybe," Favre said in reply. "But Dom Capers and the defense gets the MVP award at this stage."

I guess if we are to give Favre some kind of recognition, at least he is speaking the truth.

Still, the Packers main focus this weekend is the Chicago Bears.  A trip to Soldier Field is on the agenda for the second time this season, a feat that is capable of demoralizing some of the strongest teams.

The Packers enter Sunday’s affair as minor favorites over Lovie Smith’s team.  Head coach Mike McCarthy continues to earn himself gold stars toward a possible Head Coach of the Year nomination, but that isn’t to say Rodgers is totally out of the MVP discussion.

Packer fans, I leave you on this note from Favre.

"I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering,"

Hopefully Favre doesn’t instill some kind of curse on the Packers chances, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with showing some support, right?