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Waiting For NFC Championship Game To Start

Though we are approaching the NFC Championship game, there isn't a lot of breaking news this week. Both teams are practicing outside, or in the Packers case they're opening the doors to the indoor training facility, and seeing if guys like LB Frank Zombo are going to be able to play (in Zombo's case, he has a chance). I'm not expecting Zombo will play on Sunday, but if he does then he'll probably play on special teams and rotate in as a sub for LB Erik Walden. I can't imagine they'd start Zombo over Walden this week.

But there are a lot more interviews of players and assistant coaches posted at, and apparently there are many more reporters hanging around. It's gotten Mike McCarthy a little bit more on edge than he's been over the past few weeks. He responded to one question with a "I don't know why I have to answer something like that right now." 

It's rare that assistant coaches are recorded for interviews, so I had to read an interview with special teams coach Shawn Slocum. Unfortunately I was really disappointed by the weak questions, and his responses were very understated. P Tim Masthay was one of their best players in their week 17 win over the Bears, and he's gotten better throughout the season. When Slocum was asked about the game plan to stop KR Devin Hester, he talked about Masthay's performance and said "if we could get that, I think it would really help us". Obviously.