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Recognizable Recall: Green Bay Packers See Cornerback Tramon Williams Added to Pro Bowl

The Green Bay Packers are used to sliding under the media’s radar each season.  That is until a boastful playoff campaign pops up in the blink of an eye, which recaptures everyone’s attention for a few brief weeks.

However, as typical as this if for a small Wisconsin town, when Pro Bowl voters chose to ignore cornerback Tramon Williams, things had gone one step too far.

After a notable fourth year in the NFL, Williams’ efforts have been appreciated by all this season.  Six interceptions and 57 tackles, now sees Green Bay’s most promising young cornerback outmuscle Darrelle Revis’ efforts of 2009.

But it appears pleasing everybody isn’t quite so easy.

Fellow Packer brethren Aaron Rodgers also felt the pinch of denial.  2010 has been a fantastic year both offensively and defensively for head coach Mike McCarthy, yet somehow two of the Packers biggest stars failed to make the cut this season.

 Williams and Rodgers weren’t the only unlucky ones.

Several other Packer players went unnoticed in the Pro Bowl.  While voters couldn't select every standout, the likes of linebacker A.J Hawk were forgotten.

Perhaps that is why Packer fans were so outraged when Pro Bowl rosters were originally announced.

By tuning into many local Green Bay radio stations, the simple question that was proposed over and over again, was “Why?”

Why is it that three of the Packers biggest stars have sailed by, after a year that could easily equal an MVP or Defensive Player of the Year Award?  And finally, why is it that one of the top performing cornerbacks has supposedly been invisible by each person watching every Sunday?

Fear not Packer fans, your queries have been answered.

With a crucial game on the horizon this weekend against the Chicago Bears, the Pro Bowl is by far a small concern for Williams right now.  Nonetheless, the NFL has decided to include Williams in Hawaii’s festivities in nine days’ time.

Green Bay faithful can thank Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel, who was originally chosen to represent the NFC, but has been forced out due to a pesky knee injury that has plagued him throughout the past two months.

Samuel did play in the Eagles loss to the Packers back in the Wild Card round, but had little affect against Green Bay’s strong wide receiving core on the day, recording just one tackle in Philadelphia’s 21-16 defeat.

Williams on the other hand, will seek the benefits of playing alongside six of his current teammates next Sunday.  Fellow cornerback Charles Woodson will be present, along with outside linebacker Clay Matthews, safety Nick Collins and offensive tackle Chad Clifton.

With that all being said, though, a lot depends on this weekend’s trip to Soldier Field, as a Green Bay win would likely send all four of the Packers Pro Bowl nominees playing it safe with a trip to the Super Bowl ahead.

Discussing Williams’ inclusion isn’t easy.  One could propose the argument that if Samuel wasn’t hurt, the NFL would have never added Williams in the first place.  As for Rodgers, his latest performances against Philadelphia and the Atlanta Falcons, leaves a great big helping of egg on Pro Bowl voter’s faces.


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Ryan Cook is an Australian author for Acme Packing Company, and a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also a guest writer on PackerChatters, and a contributing writer to Detroit Lions Talk, Gack Sports and Sports Haze.