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The Packers Strategy Against The Bears - What Clay Matthews Said

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Sports Radio Interviews has a transcript, and a link to the entire audio, of ESPN Radio's interview with LB Clay Matthews. He talked about strategy during that interview, and on another one posted at  He said they want to stop RB Matt Forte, and force QB Jay Cutler "to beat us with his arm...then we can bring out pressure and hope to get him off the spot." At the same time, he's aware that Cutler is mobile and "they really have to collapse that pocket on him." 

Back to his interview at Sports Radio Interviews, he was asked about CB Tramon Williams who he said "won that game for us up in Philly and without those two interceptions in this Atlanta game, who knows where the game would've swung." Jeff Dickerson told me that one reason why TE Greg Olsen is thrown to so much is because of the job Williams does on WR Johnny Knox, who was not a factor in the Bears last game at Lambeau. The Bears are going to have to try and get Knox involved, and it might lead to another big game for Williams.

And while Matthews didn't talk about this play, I've come to appreciate the Packers full house backfield. Mike Tanier has a great article (with diagrams!) of this formation. The full house backfield used to be a sign that they were going to run it, but they are now throwing more. Two recent examples are the diagrammed pass completions to WR Jordy Nelson and FB John Kuhn.