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Coke Zero Road To The Big Game Parties

In the past, I've gone to a big house party (around 50 people) to watch the Super Bowl. Big screen, poker game at the kitchen table, with betting on the final score and for each quarter. Everyone brought some food, and the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages of their choice. In recent years, now that I've got small children, taking them to a house party has been difficult, so it's been the stay at home fare recently for me.

However, it's all changing depending on whether the Green Bay Packers win on Sunday. I'm going crazy if the Packers win. When the Packers lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship game, I couldn't watch it. I think I went over to a friend's house, but there were enough people there that I talked to friends and I didn't watch. It's all or nothing this February.