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Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears: Question and Answer with’s Jason La Canfora

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A definite NFL hangover looms on the skyline for one team this weekend, as the NFC’s Championship Game kicks off this Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

Throughout the week the Bears and Packers have remained respectful of each other in the media.  Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler are close friends away from the hash marks, while head coaches Lovie Smith and Mike McCarthy continue to acknowledge how dangerous their opponent can be.

To illustrate how meaningful one of the league’s most classic rivalries will be on Sunday, is writer Jason La Canfora, who kindly took the time out of his day to answer a few short questions and share his thoughts.

Q: Will rookie running back James Starks prove to be a factor against Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher?

Jason: The Pack just has to show the threat and intent to run. The screen game is really an extension of run game. I figure Starks, Kuhn and Jackson combine for 25-plus touches - which will be enough balance


Q: Which team benefits from the cold weather the most?

Jason: I don't think the temp matters if its windy that's not good for anyone but especially green bay. The field conditions are crappy and that helps Chicago.


Q: If Aaron Rodgers defeats the Bears, does that equal the MVP award?

Jason: Nope. Not a championship


Q: Should Packer punter Tim Masthay limit Devin Hester similar to Week 17, do the Bears pose any threat on special teams?

Jason: Bears specials teams are a great equalizer. Dave Toub is an awesome special teams coach. He will have something special. Hester could be the difference


Q: Lastly, which Jay Cutler will show up? The good or the bad version?

Jason: The medium one? I figure he makes some play but also gets turned over a few times.


A special thanks to Jason La Canfora for his answers.  It is greatly appreciated.


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Ryan Cook is an Australian author for Acme Packing Company, and a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also a guest writer on PackerChatters, and a contributing writer to Detroit Lions Talk, Gack Sports and Sports Haze.