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For The 1941 Western Division: Packers at Bears

Obviously I'm interested in the history of the Green Bay Packers. Especially since I suggested the name Acme Packing Company for a blog about them. As much as I love to scroll through a site like Packerville, U.S.A., I don't write much about team's history and I prefer to write about the present and future.

Maybe everyone's read about the last time the Packers played the Bears in the playoffs. It happened in 1941 and it was for the Western Division championship. The Packers lost 33 to 14, and the Bears went on to win the NFL Championship the next week against the New York Giants by a score of 37 to 9. The Bears ended up outscoring their opponents 396 to 147 that season, and they were a powerhouse. The Packers had averaged 148 yards per game on the ground that season, but only managed 33 rushing yards in that playoff loss. The only bit of revenge they got was that they handed them their only loss that season.

I bring this all up now, though I wasn't interested in writing about it before, because Kevin Seifert posted a link to this highlight reel from that 1941 playoff game. And if anyone from Northwestern or Illinois had watched this video before they played last November in Wrigley Field, they would have seen how the right field wall cuts off the back of the end zone and of course they weren't going to be able to play on the whole field. You can watch the six minute video after the jump.