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Unsung Packer: Scott Wells

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I've always been a fan of C Scott Wells. As a 7th round draft choice in 2004, he's a player who should have never made it in the NFL. Now with 84 regular season starts on his resume, he's one of the longest tenured players on the team. 

I never see him making any big plays or pancake blocks. But I notice it when he's not playing. He missed a few games due to injury in 2007 and 2008, and the offensive line didn't play as well without him. Nothing in particular marked his absence. It was just something you couldn't place your finger on. 

The team has always seemed reluctant to play him. He started 10 games at left guard in 2005 only after free agent bust LG Adrian Klemm washed out. In 2009, he lost his starting job despite the fact that he had graded out as one of their top three or four lineman. Every time his name has been mentioned in a press conference this season, Mike McCarthy seems quick to praise him. And he's faced no competition for the starting job either.

He was interviewed this week by 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. Here's a link to Scott Wells's interview. It's about 15 minutes long, and it detours into discussions on Tennessee football, but it's interesting none the less.