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Packers Injury Report - Post NFC Championship Game

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The Green Bay Packers are taking a couple days off this week. They usually practice first on Wednesday, but this week it's on Friday. That'll give the injured players more time to heal. 

Mike McCarthy said they won't know until Friday if LB Erik Walden will be able to practice. The good news is that he's not seriously injured. LB Robert Francois played in his absence, but he really doesn't offer much on the field. He's still looking for his first career sack. While Walden's only recorded two tackles in each of the last two games, he had a big game against the Eagles with a sack and a forced fumble. And a monster game in week 17 against the Bears with three sacks. 

LT Chad Clifton suffered a stinger on the Packers opening touchdown drive, and Mike McCarthy admitted he changed his play calling after OL T.J. Lang replaced him. Clifton told JS Online that "it's something that I've played with before" and "I don't foresee missing any practice time this week."

McCarthy also said that QB Aaron Rodgers is fine. "He's sore. I think every NFL player, especially any quarterback that's playing this time of year, he's got some bumps and bruises." And the Football Outsiders writers, specifically injury expert Will Carroll, noticed it too that "he was clearly concussed with the Peppers hit" and it might explain why he wasn't as accurate in the first half. The hit he took on his opening touchdown run might have done it. Having a few days off should be a big help.