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Focus on Three Players: Raji, Shields, and Bulaga

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But before I get into that topic, I just wanted to put my two cents in about the Green Bay Packers and their green jerseys. Mike McCarthy is excited that they get to wear their green home jerseys in the Super Bowl, after wearing their road whites for the past three weeks. I've always equated road whites to an underdog status, so I prefer them in their home jerseys. Speaking of underdogs, for some reason there's an odd article at about how the Steelers are the underdogs because the Packers are favored by a point or two on Monday. The Packers should be the underdogs in the Super Bowl, not the Steelers.

NT B.J. Raji. A very timely post at Cheesehead TV about the Fire Zone Blitz, and how Raji's pick 6 was a variation of it. QB Caleb Hanie made some big plays, but he was completely lost on that one. Unfortunately for Raji, Mike McCarthy gave him two minuses on play: one for sticking the ball out at the goal line, and another for his celebration dance. Raji's been playing great this season, well worth his top 10 draft spot, and his interception was arguably the play of the season.

CB Sam Shields. Another player having a great season. He doesn't always make the best decisions in coverage, but no cornerback is perfect at predicting a receiver's route. His two interceptions were both great plays. And I still have no idea how his first interception could have been viewed as an incompletion

RT Bryan Bulaga. I was really critical of him during their week 17 game against the Bears. But I haven't had much to say since because he's been playing much better. Is he getting more help? Is he just figuring it out? Pro Football Focus said he was the only rookie with a positive grade, and he was significantly better than his rookie counterpart, RT J'Marcus Webb.