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Getting To Know The Steelers On Offense

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At Behind The Steel Curtain, they are still talking about the lack of offense from the Steelers during the second half of the AFC Championship game. Michael Bean says the offense was not to blame. His basic point is valid: they were aggressive and they did run time off the clock.

I don't think that argument is good enough. Maybe the intent was good, but the execution was lousy. The Steelers had no business giving the Jets any chance at getting back in the game, and their offensive struggles deserve some blame. However, just because they had a lousy second half doesn't mean the Steelers don't have a good offense. They are dangerous.

Also from SB Nation Pittsburgh is an article on how the pass rush might effect QB Aaron Rodgers and QB Ben Roethlisberger. As long as Rodgers avoids any blows to the head, these two quarterbacks might be the best under pressure in the NFL. The Steelers offensive line has been a mess this season, but it hasn't held Roethlisberger back.

While the Packers defense often plays only two defensive lineman and dares their opponent to run the ball, they are going to have to respect the Steelers running game. If RB Rashard Mendenhall can run against the Jets, then he can certainly control the pace of the game against the Packers. And, this is the worst celebration ever.