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Getting To Know The Steelers On Defense

PackApologist has already ventured into enemy territory and posted at Behind The Steel Curtain. It looks like a few Acme Packing Company commentators have responded too. And I always appreciate a good Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference.

As far as their defense goes, I won't disagree that they have the best defense in the NFL this season. Also see Part 1 of that analysis. Even their biggest concern, the pass defense, and the lack of talent at cornerback, has been overshadowed by excellent results.

Other than SS Troy Polamalu, I'm not impressed with the players in their secondary. They can be confused and beaten, such as when WR Santonio Holmes ran wide open on his 45 yard touchdown pass. Having said that, the stats say they have a great pass defense. Having a great pass rush helps, but it's their defensive backs that make their secondary great. Though it could be the last game as a Steeler for their great coordinator, Dick LeBeau.

And I don't know how the Packers are going to be able to run the ball at all. Or block LB James Harrison.