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The Packers Are The Best Six Loss Team Ever

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Michael David Smith writes in the Wall Street Journal about the Green Bay Packers as the best six loss team ever. His focus is on scoring margin, and the Packers have outscored their opponents by a wider margin then nearly every team in the NFL this season. It's even better than the Steelers.

That's a point I've been making all season. No matter how ugly the record looks, they're always in the game because they're never blown out, and they are really close to putting it all together. And finally they did. But there is one small detail.

They did actually lose six games. They shouldn't have, but they did. When I was talking recently about the Packers improbable run as a No. 6 seed, I was thinking about those six losses. In some games, they just found a way to lose. It seemed like too tough a road to win three consecutive (five if you go back to the Giants game) without finding a way to lose in one of those games.

That doesn't take away from their run to the Super Bowl, it just makes it even sweeter.