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The Packers Have The Statistic Of The Year

I thought this topic on the Green Bay Packers was posted around the internet last week. But here's a new post on what's been called the statistic of the year. Here's the quote from The Fifth Down Blog: "The Packers haven't trailed by more than 7 points at any point this season." 

While the whole team can take credit for that statistic, it probably is best credited to the defense. They only allowed 15 points per game (2nd best in the NFL). It's hard to fall behind by more than 7 points if the average team is only scoring 15 in total. 

And of course, the surprising team that posted that huge 7 point lead on the Packers? The Miami Dolphins. And as far as that article mentions, they were the only team to go up by a touchdown against the Packers. In hindsight, that's a surprising statistic considering how poorly this season ended for the Dolphins. It's also a good time to mention that it was the only game that LB Clay Matthews missed due to injury. He injured his hamstring during the third quarter in their surprising loss a week earlier to the Redskins.