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Packers Super Bowl: Everything's More Expensive In Texas

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Would you pay $200 to go to Dallas so you could sit in a parking lot Party Plaza and watch the Green Bay Packers on an outdoor video screen? That seemed like a crazy idea, but at least 5,000 ticket holders disagree with me. Dallas News says the 5,000 tickets available for the outdoor Party Plaza sold out last Tuesday night.

But this article from Jim Stingl at JS Online about luxury suites at Cowboys Stadium is really interesting. I love reading about the prices on things I'll never buy. A luxury suite for a regular season game costs around $12,000 to $15,000. The cheapest one available for the Super Bowl is currently offered for $163,000. The best one available, just a couple suites off the 50 yard line, is on sale for $599,000.

Actually those prices seem reasonable compared to the $1,000 it will cost to park your car at the stadium. While there are a lot of tickets available for sale, follow this link to TiqIQ for the latest prices, the entire cost of the trip is putting it way out of reach for most everybody.