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Packers Defensive Coach Darren Perry To The Eagles?

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Do you know Darren Perry? He coaches the Green Bay Packers safeties. Here's his bio from He's rarely quoted by the press, and he's been talked about less than cornerbacks coach, Joe Whitt Jr., who's been asked many questions this season about the emergence of CB Tramon Williams and CB Sam Shields. I guess few members of the media want to talk about S Charlie Peprah.

Perry joined the coaching staff in early 2009 after Dom Capers was hired as the defensive coordinator. He's done a good job this season, first getting rookie S Morgan Burnett ready to start, and then helping Peprah take the leap forward from journeyman special teams player to reliable starter. He's kept a lower profile then nearly every other defensive assistant on the staff this season, but he appears to be a good coach.

Apparently the Philadelphia Eagles think he'd make a good defensive coordinator. Here's the link to the story via Bleeding Green Nation. I've got no reason to disagree with the Eagles, but he's about the last position coach I expected to get a promotion this offseason.