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Packers Emotional Win Over The Bears Caps Third Playoff Season Since 2007

I usually don't get that emotional during Green Bay Packers football games, though I'm in a bad mood after every loss. But that game against the Bears had me going crazy. All week, I had been supremely confident that the Packers would show up to play, and in the end the Bears would realize they had nothing left to play for. Instead the Bears played them tough, and I was in a foul mood at halftime.

But at the start of the second half, while the Packers were still down 3-0, something made me relax, and I was surprisingly calm. That was about the time WR Greg Jennings caught the first of his two near touchdown passes which set up both of their scores. I should have known they'd have it covered.

This week will be all about the Green Bay Packers upcoming playoff game, but I'd like to look back at what they've accomplished this season. They've now made it to the playoffs in three of the last four seasons. They didn't make it in 2008, but they still fielded a team that outscored their opponents overall that season. And they were 8-8 in McCarthy's first season (2006) with a team that ended the season strong. It's not a dynasty by any means, but that's a string of consistent and winning football.