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Packers Scheduled To Arrive In Dallas On Monday

During the regular season, when the Packers have a game on Sunday, they practice Wednesday through Friday, and then travel on Saturday. With an extra week in between the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl, they're working on a different schedule. Though Mike McCarthy said they'll have 95 percent of the game plan installed by Sunday, so they'll be prepared before they leave.

This week, the Packers took a couple days off. Their first practice was on Friday, and then practice on Saturday and Sunday, before traveling to Dallas on Monday. According to my NFL media information schedule, they'll arrive in Dallas on Monday at 3:30 pm, and in typical media frenzy fashion, Mike McCarthy and selected players will have another press conference shortly after they arrive.

The Packers coaches and players will be meeting the media all week long, and they'll conduct closed practices at SMU.