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Packer Notes: Walden Remains Starter, Rodgers's Shoes, and a Super Bowl Ring

ESPN been one of the leaders trying to find out all the details of the Green Bay Packers team photo controversy. Via Kevin Seifert are quotes from QB Aaron Rodgers, who spoke with LB Nick Barnett, and told ESPN that "everything is cool", and from Mike McCarthy who said it's a "non-issue." Unfortunately Seifert expects more questions to be asked about it during their press conferences next week. Please let it end...

Mike McCarthy talked again about LB Erik Walden, and confirmed that he remains the starting linebacker because he's earned it "through his production down the stretch." The plan is to let him practice Wednesday and see how he's doing. McCarthy is hedging his bets, but I still expect Walden to start in the Super Bowl.

Is it really the shoes? When Kevin Seifert asked Rodgers about playing indoors, he said he liked the perfect weather and the ability to wear his preferred turf shoes. "They're just really comfortable," he said.

And the only Packer who already owns a Super Bowl ring is FB John Kuhn. RB James Starks said "we make little jokes here and there about him, (that) he's been here before." Of course, Kuhn won his Super Bowl ring when he was playing on the Steelers practice squad.