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Stop Ben Roethlisberger And Win The Super Bowl

I've been writing about how the passing attack for each team is the key to the game. Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is trying to find out to stop QB Ben Roethlisberger because that is his No. 1 priority. One of the first places he went to look was at the film of their game played in December 2009. 

In his press conference, he said "we had five sacks and a chance at five - a legitimate chance at five other sacks. But it was just basically him being Ben, you know, where we missed him or we hit him and came off of him. And a couple of the times, he launched a ball up the field for big plays against us." Also, LB Clay Matthews was asked about how the Packers can beat the Steelersand he told Dan Patrick "if we stop Ben. That's it." 

The defense has shown an indifference to stopping the run at times this season. They frequently line-up with only two defensive lineman, and an extra defensive back. Such formations don't help them stop the run, but it makes it very hard to read their pass defense when there are nine players standing up and ready to drop back in coverage. Two or three of those standing linebackers or defensive backs will typically rush the passer, but sometimes it's hard to tell who it will be.

So don't be surprised when watching the Super Bowl that you see the Packers defense surrender yards to RB Rashard Mendenhall on the ground. They won't let him run all over them, but stopping him isn't the key. And they'll let Mendenhall have a good game if it means they've shut Roethlisberger down.