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Road to the Big Game: Can The Packers Make It To Dallas?

I'm not sure what odds are of the Green Bay Packers making it to the Super Bowl, but the odds of them winning it are currently at 12 to 1. That might sound long, but in the NFC, only the Falcons have clearly better odds at 6 to 1. The Packers are lumped in close alongside the rest of the NFC (minus the unlikely the Seahawks). 

They match-up well against any other team in the NFC. The Falcons and Bears beat them by 3 points, but the Packers beat the Bears and Eagles by 7 points (while avoiding the Saints and Seahawks). I can't imagine the Seahawks are a threat to any playoff team (the Falcons crushed them right before Christmas), and the Saints are similar to the Falcons on both offense and defense.

Their biggest weakness is the hole they've already dug for themselves. As the No. 6 seed, they have to play one more game than the Falcons and Bears, and they're guaranteed all away games. Neither are fatal blows, but it does put them at a disadvantage. 

And their final disadvantage is that their special teams unit (with a notable exception being last week against the Bears) is one of the worst in the NFC. It might not be a coincidence that the top three special teams units according to Football Outsiders all made the NFC playoffs. While the return game hasn't been a threat this season, P Tim Masthay continues to improve, and the coverage units are better off with fewer injuries (and fewer changes in assignments) over the past couple weeks.