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Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 5

This play by Charlie Peprah earned Jeigh AK 3 points for his bonus prediction.
This play by Charlie Peprah earned Jeigh AK 3 points for his bonus prediction.

This week's Cheesestradamus results look much the same as those of week 5: total points were on the whole unimpressive, and most people's points came in just a few categories. You can thank the Packers' two interceptions for a big chunk of your points, as well as Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez tying for the Falcons' lead in receptions. All in all, average scoring was up about a half a point from week 4 though, so congratulations to you guys for that.

Bush League All Star and his mighty banhammer took Week 5's crown, tying with newcomer Chocolaterain09 for the top spot with 11 points. This brings BLAS to 39 points in total, one point off the overall lead which is held by bigpoppaloaf and pacsun.

Week 5 Results

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Overall Standings


Packers' score: 25

Falcons' score: 14

First TD: James Jones

First (and only) sack: Desmond Bishop

Most receptions by a Falcons player: Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez (tie, 6)

James Starks total yards from scrimmage: 59

Turnovers forced by Packers' defense: 2

Correct Bonus Predictions:
Falcons have fewer rushing yards than combined Packers + Falcons penalty yards (Steve From Florida)
Mason Crosby will make 3+ FGs (pacsun, vlad3217, Jabooty)
Crosby will make a 45+ yard FG (Chief Oshkosh, vandyter)
Crosby will make a 50+ yard FG (paterack7)
8+ different Packers receive a pass (Shoes31)
Packers lead at half but win the game (alex hiltunen)
A non-LB will lead the Packers in tackles (MoreBrainsthanBraun)
Packers attempt at least 3 FG (ctxsix)
Michael Turner held under 60 rushing yards (Chocolaterain09,
James Jones scores a TD (Brand New Hero)
Charlie Peprah gets an INT (Jeigh AK)
McCarthy will call for a 2 point conversion (OBrienSchofieldismyHero)
McCarthy goes 1 for 1 on challenges (NK21)
Packers don't score in the first quarter (s_eubanski)
Packers don't punt the ball in the first half (holsteinhill)