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Marshall Newhouse Is All Over The Line

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In this week's installment of the man up player of the week, I'm once again looking for a player who stood up for the Green Bay Packers and played under adverse circumstances or in an unexpected way.

LT Marshall Newhouse immediately came to mind. It was only a couple weeks earlier that he was thrown into the game against the Bears and held up fine at right tackle in place of Bryan Bulaga. He'd allowed a couple of sacks to LB Von Miller against the Broncos, but in general he was doing fine in protection and his presence did not disrupt the offense.

Then against the Falcons, he was told to switch to the left side after LT Chad Clifton went down with an injured hamstring. The Packers knew they had to give Derek Sherrod some help in protection at right tackle, so they left Newhouse alone on the blind side. And he played very well. The Packers had problems in pass protection, but those came largely from the interior as Falcons DT Corey Peters had a big game.

I would expect Newhouse will fill at left tackle, the coaches haven't confirmed whether it will be him or Bulaga, but the Packers should be fine with Newhouse.