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Recap: Packers Hold On To Win 24-3 Over The Rams

It was an ugly second half as both the Green Bay Packers and the Rams were shut out, but Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdowns in the first half. That ended up being more than enough to win.

It was a near perfect first half for the Rodgers and his receivers. The big play was a 93 yard touchdown to Jordy Nelson. Rodgers did a pump fake on which CB Al Harris bit hard, and Nelson made a great move in the open field to break away. He also floated a perfect 35 yard touchdown pass to James Jones. The defense was giving up yards, but the Rams couldn't do much on offense once they got into Packer territory. They missed one field goal attempt on their first drive, and didn't get back into field goal range again until the end of the half. LB Clay Matthews recorded one sack, and he put a lot of pressure on QB Sam Bradford. Matthews ended the game with 3 quarterback hits and 3 tipped passes.

In the second half, the offense couldn't get going. The inability to run the ball played a part, but the receivers let Rodgers down. Nelson dropped a pass on 3rd down that would have converted. Rodgers threw another 3rd down pass to an open spot and it looked like a receiver ran the wrong route. Then Greg Jennings let a big gain deflect off his hands and fall for an INT. The coaches will have a lot to complain about when they watch the film, but eliminating the drops would have changed a lot.

The Rams only had one drive of over 40 yards in the second half, but it seemed a lot worse because the Packers offense kept punting the ball back to them. The Rams had a ridiculous 11 possession in the game. And they did a great job of stopping them when it mattered: the Rams were 3 for 13 on 3rd down and 1 for 4 on 4th downs. On the Rams best drive of the second half, CB Sam Shields made a great interception on a pass in the end zone. Unfortunately he took a shot on the INT return and he was out for the rest of the game.

It wasn't pretty, but the game was never in doubt. It's hard to complain about a 21 point win.