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Offense Post-Game Links On Running, The Bootleg, and Drops

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Packers match Lombardi winning streak of 12 in a row - JSOnline. Just got to enjoy the streak. They're a talented team led by the best QB in the NFL, and they don't make many mistakes. They don't beat themselves. No. 4 overall in the NFL with a +7 turnover margin, and in the top 10 with just over 5 penalties per game.

Packers' running game can't provide knockout punch - JSOnline. I was really surprised they didn't run it better against the Rams. In particular, they had no success running outside.  

Green Bay Packers news | Rodgers expands Packers' playbook with TD pass on rare bootleg left | Green Bay Press Gazette. OK, I admit, I thought this was part of the playbook. While I recall plays during which Aaron Rodgers runs to his left and throws, they must have all been when the protection collapsed. It does give opposing defensive coordinators something else to worry about. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Mike McCarthy post-game press conference highlights. One of the first things he mentioned was the dropped passes. After avoiding those problems in the first four weeks, the receivers have been dropping them over the past two games. Drops helped shut down the offense in the second half, and it only didn't matter because the Rams offense was so inept at scoring.