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Defense Post-Game Links On Their Performance Over The Rams, Flipping The Bird, and Sam Shields

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Packers' defense comes to the rescue - JSOnline. The defense surrendered a lot of yards (424) but it took 72 plays. Many of the big ones were allowed on the Rams side of the field, but it got a lot more crowded when they got within scoring range. This was not a great defensive performance and there remains some room for improvement, but they're doing a lot of things right.

Hawk flies high despite an unfortunate 'bird' - JSOnline. Oops. He gave the finger to his own teammates as part of an inside joke. No harm done, but it was caught on camera and he'll receive a fine from the No Fun League.

Shields gets concussion on interception return - JSOnline. Charles Woodson had some good advice as someone who knows a few things about INT returns: Sam Shields should have run straight out of the end zone from the point where he made the interception. There were a lot of players right there in front of him, so he should have taken a knee instead. Unfortunately he also sustained a concussion on the return. His replacement was CB Jarrett Bush: get healthy soon Sam! 

The Packers next game is at Minnesota, and the Vikings aren't exactly lighting up the passing skies. Then comes the bye week, so it would be a shock if Shields misses more than one game. It would be disappointing to see him out because his coverage has looked great over the past couple weeks. He's not the reason the pass defense is giving up a ton of yards.