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NFL Trade Rumors - Trade Deadline on Tuesday

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The NFL trade deadline is usually a boring affair because trades so rarely happen. The Packers did make a minor move last year, making a trade with the Jaguars for S Anthony Smith. That trade was a failure because Smith was injured and lost for the season after playing just a couple of games. While the Packers have been dealing with some injuries, it's been nothing like last year, and I don't expect them to make a move to add depth.

But the Broncos appear to be ready to wheel-and-deal themselves out of the Josh McDaniels era, and they're making things a bit more exciting than usual. Also, the broken collerbone than ended QB Jason Campbell's season has left the Raiders staring at Kyle Boller: Starting Quarterback. Since they have legitimate playoff ambitions, they are looking for another answer.

It appears that WR Brandon Lloyd from the Broncos to the Rams is a done deal, depending on a contract extension. After recently watching the Broncos and the Rams take on the Packers in recent weeks, it's clear that Lloyd is an upgrade. If this only costs them a low draft choice then it's a good deal, but otherwise it's a bad move. The Rams aren't going anywhere in 2011 and they could just as easily have signed Lloyd as a free agent next March.

The Raiders might have dreams of trading for QB Carson Palmer, but such a trade appears unlikely because the Bengals are involved. Palmer would rather spend the fall tailgating than ever playing for the Bengals, but the Bengals apparently dream that Palmer might one day hold Andy Dalton's clipboard.

The Broncos would trade QB Kyle Orton now if the Raiders were interested, but the Raiders might think Boller is better. And they might not be wrong because Orton's stock couldn't be lower right now. The Broncos have to be thinking back fondly of those talks last summer with the Dolphins.

What do you think of these trades and rumors? Any other ones you want to discuss?