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NFL Trade Deadline - Carson Palmer To The Raiders

The Bengals trade QB Carson Palmer to the Raiders for two first round draft choices? The second No. 1 could become a 2nd round pick unless the Raiders win a playoff game.

Someone would have to tie me down and cut off my internet access if the Packers surrendered two first round picks (or one first and one second round pick) for a 31 year old quarterback. If you're curious, the Packers did try something like that once upon a time and his name was John Hadl. From SB Nation:

For fantasy football owners, the value of Carson Palmer to the Raiders likely depends on your thoughts on Palmer. Some have felt he has been nothing more than an average QB at best in recent seasons. Others see him as a guy who could benefit from returning to his relationship with Hue Jackson, who worked with Palmer's offenses in Cincinnati and USC.

Because the fantasy football angle is the most interesting one for most Packer fans reading this post. Would you pick him up for your fantasy football team? If you have to think about it, or automatically say "no", then that's probably a big sign that it was a bad trade.

Want to guess how many times the Packers will sack Palmer when the Raiders travel to Green Bay on December 11?