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NFL Trade Deadline - Eagles Break Up The Dream Team

I'm sorry to deceive, it's only backup RB Ronnie Brown to the Lions, but I can't help giving the Eaglespunch to the gut while they're down.

There is an NFC North angle to this trade because it's one that the Lions apparently needed to make after RB Jahvid Best suffered his second concussion of the year. I don't expect Brown will start (or even play a lot) but they needed someone to backup RB Keiland Williams, so long as that player is not named "Jerome Harrison." I'd expect Maurice Morris will be the new wingman on the depth chart.

I'm not a huge Jahvid Best fan, but he's having a nice season (4.6 ypc and 27 receptions). Losing him for any stretch of time doesn't help. Brown hasn't done anything this season for the Eagles (38 rushing yards total with one fumble). Oh and what a fumble it was.

And one more shot at the Eagles, courtesy of Les Bowen, on the 7th round pick in 2013 included in the deal:

The 2013 pick is a seventh-rounder. Those are tough for #Eagles to part with, since they traditionally start right away.
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