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Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 6

Everyone, this was an impressively ugly week for the APC Cheesestradamus community. The submissions averaged less than three points apiece, an all-time low. It didn't help that Aaron Rodgers only completed 17 passes or that Jermichael Finley finished with 20 receiving yards - only one person earned full marks on each of those. Furthermore, not a single person got a point on either team's score. Most points were achieved with Desmond Bishop recording the first tackle or the Packers having three sacks.

The winners for week 6 were Lucas Lima #52, miguelito1734, and P-TownFan, all of whom tied with 9 points. Manguito was alone in 4th place with 7. As a result of his solid week (and overall consistency), miguelito has jumped up into the overall Cheesestradamus lead with 46 points. Most impressive has been that consistency, as he's scored between 6 and 9 points in each of the six weeks.

This week's results and overall standings are after the jump.

Week 6 Standings

Overall Standings

Week 6 Results

Packers' score: 24

Rams' score: 3

First TD: James Jones

First tackle: Desmond Bishop

Rodgers' completions: 17

Finley's receiving yards: 20

Packers' sacks: 3

Correct bonus predictions:
Packers win by 12 or more (weisomatic)
Packers will score first and never trail or be tied (BeebeFan)
Sam Bradford throws for over 300 yards (manguito)
Driver catches a TD pass (PhoenicianPakFan, sydwyndyr)
Charles Woodson records a sack (miguelito1734)
Packers never trail in the game (bigpoppaloaf, Fartfacefive)
Packers lead by 3 TDs at halftime (Lucas Lima #52)
Packers score first and last TDs of the game (Busha)

And finally, congratulations to osc630, who recorded her first Cheesestradamus points this week! She nailed 3 points each on Rodgers' completions and Finley's yards, so she's officially out of the cellar.