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On Christian Ponder, Frank Zombo, and The Lions

Ponder will start the rest of the season | Leslie Frazier made the start of the Christian Ponder era official. It's good that he told the Green Bay Packers in advance because Ponder's style (he can run) is very different from Donovan McNabb (he's nearly immobile) and they'll be able to game plan accordingly. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Zombo ruled out against Vikings with knee injury. Bummer. He returns from his broken shoulder blade only to hyperextend his knee. There must have been some swelling or soreness on Monday because he returned to the game after he was injured.

Ronnie Brown trade voided | ProFootballTalk. The Lions try to trade Jerome Harrison for Brown, but Harrison flunks his physical. Maybe he was keeping his injury a secret even from the Lions because he wasn't listed on the injury report last week.