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Early Morning Open Thread: Lions, Bears, and Vikings

We have to wait until later this afternoon to watch the Green Bay Packers take on the Broncos, but the rest of the NFC North is playing in the early games. 

The Lions have won both of their road games this season, but they've been close games. The Cowboys can keep it close, and can beat them. The way the Lions offensive tackles struggled in pass protection, and the rush of Cowboys LBs Demarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, might turn it into the Lions first loss. The odds have the Cowboys as a slight favorite.

The Bears are favorites in Carolina, but it's important for them to avoid going 1-3. They've got a tough enough schedule and they need to win games against lesser teams if they're going to keep up in the playoff race.

The Vikings at Chiefs is interesting just to see which team will avoid going 0-4. Someone has to win, right? The Vikings are a slight favorite, but I expect they'll win because they are playing better than their 0-3 record indicates. While the Chiefs really are a mess.