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Recap: Green Bay Packers Crush Broncos, 49-23

The Broncos scored first, but the Green Bay Packers quickly jumped out to a 21-3 lead early in the second quarter. The Broncos had a lot of big plays to WR Brandon Lloyd and WR Eric Decker which will be something for discussion about the pass defense later this week. The run defense struggled at times, but nearly everything else worked on special teams and on offense.

It was an epic game for Aaron Rodgers. Four touchdown passes and he ran for two more. He had a late INT off a deflection, but that was his only blemish. It was hard to find a receiver that didn't have a good game. Greg Jennings stood out catching all 7 passes thrown his way for over 100 yards, and Jordy Nelson grabbed a long touchdown.

It was another tough game for the defense. They struggled in coverage, rushing the passer, and stopping the run. But they did grab 3 INTs, including Charles Woodson's INT that was returned for a touchdown. LB Desmond Bishop had a sack and forced a fumble near the goal line which ended the Broncos best chance at a comeback.

It was a rare great game for the special teams, specifically K Mason Crosby, who had a perfect surprise onside kick after their second touchdown.