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Looking Back At Another Time The Packers Faced A QB In His First NFL Start

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Packers learned their lesson in Tampa - JSOnline. This story by Tyler Dunne was a good recollection on one of the Green Bay Packers worst losses in the past three seasons: an early November loss in 2009 against the Buccaneers. That game was Josh Freeman's first NFL start, and the upcoming game on Sunday is, of course, Christian Ponder's first NFL start. That's about where the similarities end.

In that game, the Packers had an unbelievable 4th quarter collapse. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in the 4th quarter, and I haven't seen a game like that from them since. QB Aaron Rodgers threw 3 INTs (he threw 4 INTs total in his other 15 regular season games in 2009), the defense couldn't stop the Buccaneers offense at all, and the special teams gave up a 80+ yard kickoff return. All those things could happen again at any time, but I mention it because the collapse didn't have much to do with the fact it was a rookie QBs first NFL start.