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Rodgers To Nelson For 93 Yards And A Touchdown

When deciding which play was the Green Bay Packers Power Play of the Week, it came down to two plays. The first one gave the Packers their first touchdown, and the second one essentially put the game away early in the second quarter.

After a sluggish first quarter, the Packers opened the second half with two running plays that moved them down to the Rams 35 yard line. On the next play, Aaron Rodgers rolled to his left and threw a 35 yard touchdown pass to James Jones, After that, I thought there was nothing to worry about. The offense is going to score it's 20 some points as usual. In that regard, as a play that reassured me there's nothing wrong, it was a big one.

But the power play of the game belongs to Jordy Nelson on his 93 yard touchdown. Rodgers played his part with a pump fake that got CB Al Harris to bite, Nelson made the move to make the safety miss (and crash into Harris as a bonus) and then run away from everyone else for the touchdown. In hindsight, this play put the game out of reach at 17-0. The Rams came into the game averaging only 11 points per game (now under 10), so a 17 point lead is basically insurmountable for them to recover from.