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Fantasy Football Week 7: Jordy Nelson Better Be Starting

I've been trying to go with fantasy sleepers with for the Green Bay Packers in my weekly fantasy column. I've did well last week with my choice of WR James Jones, but I don't think he's a sleeper after catching three touchdowns in his past three games. There doesn't appear to be a good sleeper candidate this week, and instead I'll focus on an obvious starter who should have a big game.

I was a little uncertain about Jordy Nelson coming into this season. That's not a reflection on him, but a question about his opportunities. He seemed stuck behind Donald Driver and Jones over the past couple seasons. But after a big playoff run, and a huge performance in the Super Bowl, he's emerged as the No. 2 wide receiver option. He even got the starting nod ahead of Driver last week.

Nelson has 4 touchdowns on the season, and he's averaging over 20 yards a reception. If that wasn't enough, Football Outsiders points out that the Vikings are dismal (No. 29 overall) against No. 2 wide receivers. It looks like Nelson can have another big game this Sunday.