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From The Blogs: Vikings Previews and Stupid Fines

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Packers vs Vikings: How It Breaks Down | Cheesehead TV. Aaron Nagler focused more on the pass rush of DE Jared Allen and DE Brian Robison than I did. I'm feeling confident in the play of LT Marshall Newhouse, and I didn't think it was as much of an issue as whether the Packers can stop the Vikings running game.

Know Your Packers Enemy: Previewing Packers - Vikings with Max Ginsberg | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. He expects the Vikings will be fired up, and they've got a chance if the Vikings can get their pass rush going, but there is only so much they can do with that offense.

Mind Your Fingers and Your Shoes | – The Packers Blog Born From Treachery. I've already written about the stupid fine on A.J. Hawk (who exactly was he hurting?) and the $5,000 fine for wearing the wrong color shoes is even worse.