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Early Sunday Open Thread: Bears and Lions In Action

There are seven games on the schedule for 1 pm EST. It's the big game in London between the Bears and Buccaneers. If the Bears can play like they did last week, they should roll. Despite the Bucs winning record, they've been outscored overall this season because they're winning the close games with one blow out loss against the 49ers. However neither team is too impressive on the road, so maybe this'll just be an ugly disaster.

The Lions are hosting the Falcons. I'd give the Falcons a chance if they weren't dealing with so many injuries (Julio Jones out, probably John Abraham and LT Sam Baker out, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White are banged up). However the 49ers did give the Falcons a good blueprint of how to win with a bunch of short passes and some big runs.

If the Redskins win in Carolina, they'd be tied for the lead in the NFC East (somehow). The other games don't interest me that much.

What are you watching?