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Updated Preview: Green Bay Packers at Vikings

Since I wrote my original preview early Friday morning, the Vikings made some news to change my perception. As time goes by, it seems more and more like the Vikings are way too undermanned to provide a serious threat to the Green Bay Packers.

I didn't even mention the Vikings secondary because I expected Aaron Rodgers to play well no matter who's lined up against them. But with two starters apparently out after Friday's practice, and their No. 3 cornerback expected to spend the game in jail, it seems unlikely they'll provide much resistance to the Packers passing attack. 

It's not surprising that all the Donovan McNabb stories are coming out now that he's on the bench. He's standing up for himself, but I believe similar stories came out after his benching in Washington last season. Also, it reminds me of the earlier stories about his mechanics. Obviously this has little impact on the Packer game because McNabb is now on the bench, but it has to be disheartening to his teammates to know they basically punted the first six games of the season on a veteran QB who wasn't going to work out.