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Recap: Green Bay Packers Hold On And Defeat The Vikings, 33-27

I have to admit I got a little nervous in the 4th quarter when the Green Bay Packers offense struggled to keep drives alive (only 2 for 8 on 3rd down) and the Vikings managed to get back within one score. But they needed 16 points in the 4th quarter, and only managed 10.

The Vikings got off to a quick start when Christian Ponder threw a 72 yard pass to Michael Jenkins. After he completed a touchdown pass on his next attempt, he completed only 11 of his next 30 attempts. However, he did have a knack for finding receivers on 3rd down (9 for 16 in the game). He also had a knack for finding Charles Woodson, who had 2 INTs on the day. The big force on offense was unsurprisingly Adrian Peterson, who ran for 175 yards and 1 touchdown. Not a great game for the defense, but they always get killed by Peterson.

Aaron Rodgers was nearly perfect in the first half with only two incompletions. But he only had four possessions in the first half, and they settled for field goals on two scoring drives (once because of a drop by Randall Cobb and the clock ran out on their final drive). Greg Jennings had a huge game with a 79 yard touchdown pass on one play when he was left uncovered. The Packers came out firing in the 3rd quarter and outscored the Vikings 20 to 0. When the offense stalled in the fourth quarter, the Packers went with James Starks to run out the clock and the game with multiple first down runs. He had a quiet game overall, but a big finish.