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Alex Green Out For The Year With A Knee Injury

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As Mike McCarthy told reporters at his press conference, rookie RB Alex Green is out for the year with a knee injury. It happened on a special teams return when WR Randall Cobb ran into the back of his leg. It looked serious on the field, though Green walked off on his own power, and apparently it will require surgery. 

Green had a few opportunities in the preseason, but the Packers haven't asked for a lot from their running backs this season. With the exception of a couple plays, he's been largely confined to special teams. Knee injuries are never good for a running back, so while he can make a full recovery, it could also be something that gives him trouble in the future. And it's happened late enough in 2011 that he might be slow to return in 2012. 

McCarthy also discussed Greg Jennings's hand injury. He said it's only bruised, and he shouldn't miss their next game against the Chargers.

mtpackfan's Fanpost discusses whether they should call up RB Brandon Saine from the practice squad to replace him.