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Greg Jennings Can Handle The Pain

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On their first offensive series against the Vikings, Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings had a 26 yard reception which led to an injury along the sidelines. He had the medical staff take a look at it, and ran a test of his own. From the Journal-Sentinel:

After the injury occurred, Jennings went to the sideline and had WR Jordy Nelson throw the ball to him as hard as he could to see if his hand could handle the pain. He didn't drop any of the passes and didn't seem to have any trouble handling any of Rodgers' passes the rest of the game.

His hand went numb for a while. But after the injury, he caught 6 more passes for 121 yards and a touchdown. A day later, the injury appears to be a bruise. Mike McCarthy said it's not serious and he expects him to be ready in time for their next game.