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Rodgers To Jennings For 79 Yards And A Touchdown

I went back-and-forth about the Green Bay Packers Power Play of the Week, and I had to go with the long touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that started the third quarter. After a hard fought first half by the Vikings, it was a major blow to see the Packers take the lead in less than a minute.

S Husain Abdullah admitted that he lost sight of Jennings. He did so due to the play of Aaron Rodgers. From the Star Tribune:

"He scrambled [to his right] and I seen [receiver Donald] Driver," Abdullah said. "Then Rodgers fake-pumped to, I think, [tight end Jermichael Finley]. I thought Rodgers was going to throw it down, so I came up."

That began a cascade of big plays for the Packers in the third quarter. After the Vikings went three-and-out, Randall Cobb made up for a bad first half with a 42 yard punt return. Two interceptions by Charles Woodson eliminated any scoring threat the Vikings were building, and they led to two field goals that eventually were the winning margin.

But the long touchdown pass that gave them their first lead was the best of the bunch.