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Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 7

I dare anyone to try to convince me that the penalty called on this hit was legitimate.
I dare anyone to try to convince me that the penalty called on this hit was legitimate.

Holy cats, APC! After the lowest scoring game ever in Week 6, you guys came back with a vengeance in Week 7, dropping a ridiculous 6.7 point average. That's almost a point better per submission than the previous high, in the Week 3 game against the Bears. Maybe the divisional games just bring out the best in your prediction abilities.

In any case, we have a two-way tie for the Week 7 lead this week, as Paterack7 and Shoes31 topped everyone with 14 points. Lonebadger was alone in third with 13. All in all, an astounding 22 players (almost 1 in 5!) scored in double digits, and only three people were completely shut out. Each of the top 5 overall players scored either 10 or 11 points this week, so the overall leaderboard remains largely intact, with miguelito1734 still holding a slim lead.

Here's your week 7 results. The overall leaderboard and some very important news about the contest as a whole can be found after the jump.

Week 7 Leaderboard

Click here to see the corrected submissions for Week 7

In general contest news, it's been decided that we'll be splitting up the Cheesestradamus contest into two halves. Each half will have 8 Packers games and one bonus prediction set, so the split will happen after Week 9. We'll do a bonus set this week for the Packers' bye week, and in the second half we'll have a bonus set in Week 17 in addition to the normal Week 17 predictions. Finally, do you remember when I said that the winner will earn a fictional wheel of cheese? Thanks to Brandon, there will be a REAL prize awarded to the winner of each half, and I'll do a Q&A post with the winner (tiebreakers and details will be explained soon). This means that if you're out of the running in the overall standings right now, you'll have a chance to redeem yourself over the final 8 weeks in the second half of the contest. Good luck!

Overall Leaderboard


Packers' score: 33

Vikings' score: 27

First TD: John Kuhn

Rushing attempts: 26

Most tackles: Desmond Bishop (6 solo + 2 assisted = 8 total)

Christian Ponder's passer rating: 59.2

Turnovers forced: 2

Bonus predictions:
Packers allow a run of 25 yards or more (weisomatic)
Charles Woodson intercepts a pass (chgoarch)
Rodgers throws TDs to three different receivers (swenny916)
B.J. Raji records a sack (Bush League All Star, Shoes31)
Jermichael Finley scores a touchdown (arodgb)
Mason Crosby hits a field goal of 50+ yards (Lucas Lima #52)
Mason Crosby hits a field goal of 45+ yards (paterack7)
Vikings score the first and last touchdowns of the game (robert st)
Jared Allen records multiple sacks (petey)