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Former Starting Safety Chris Harris Was Released By The Bears

Chris Harris Released By Chicago Bears - I'm not sure how many people thought about adding the Hitman to the Green Bay Packers, but I admit that I thought about it. I'm not exactly sure what Harris did this season to find himself on the bench (he was injured earlier), but he was a good player last year. And he doesn't have to be great, he just has to be better than undrafted rookie M.D. Jennings for a backup spot.

But apparently Harris doesn't believe he's a backup, otherwise he probably wouldn't have requested a trade. He wouldn't start for the Packers either, and he still believes he's a starter. The Packers wouldn't be a good fit for him, and while I'm not up to date on the injuries in every defensive backfield, there might be a safety needy team out there willing to take a chance on him as an immediate starter.

Also this:

@WiscWillie I'd say the Packers are still OK with Peprah starting, and TT doesn't usually have interest in guys other teams just throw away
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