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Cheesestradamus Bye Week Extravaganza

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! If you missed last week's recap, Cheesestradamus officially has a prize for the winner! (All praises to the Brandon.) And since we're splitting the season in half, that means that you have two weeks to look into your Crystal Ball--or Magic 8 Ball if you so desire--and come up with enough awesome predictions to win the first half. Furthermore, it means that if you're out of contention right now, you'll get another shot in the second half.

This week's contest is a little different, since the Packers are on a bye. That means we'll take a look across the rest of the NFL instead. First up are the highest- and lowest-scoring teams this week. Pick them right and you'll get 3 points. You'll then pick the starting QB who you think will record the highest passer rating in week 8 (minimum 18 pass attempts). If you get the #1-rated QB, you'll get the full 3 points, 2 points for the #2 QB, and a single point if you get the QB with the third-highest rating. Question 4 involves elite running backs: out of six top RBs, you'll predict which one will record the most rushing yards in his week 8 game.

Since Calvin Johnson has been such an impressive weapon for the Lions, I've decided to let you guess his receiving yardage total (with the usual +/- 2, 4, and 6 yard levels for 3, 2, and 1 point respectively). You'll also pick how many home teams will win their games this week (out of 13 total games). The penultimate category involves the longest offensive TD of the week - pick the yardage you think will be covered on that play. I'll do partial credit again here, with +/- 1, 3, and 5 yards being the levels this time. Finally, you'll do another bonus prediction. The typical request with the bonuses is doubly important this week--please make them easy to verify and quantify.

Overall standings are after the jump. Good luck this week!

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Overall Standings